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Bơm Công Nghiệp Pentax

Pump applications, pick the correct pump for any application - Chemicals, Sewage Waste, Food Beverage Sanitary, Water, Industrial, Contractor, AG, Portable, Pond Fountain, Trash, Solvent, DEF, 12v dc, Self Priming, Biodiesel fuel, Oil, Fire high pressure, Honda gas engine, diesel, electric motor, barrel drum, air diaphragm.

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Choices for driving the above types of pumps include:

AC electric: 110/115/120, 208/230, 460/480VAC 60Hz and related voltages at 50hz for oversea's.

DC electric: 12/24/36VDC

Gas engine: 2-Cycle, 4-Cycle, Diesel and LPG Propane

Air / Pnuematic

Frame / PTO / Belt / Pedestal

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The following pump applications are our way of putting the vast number of pumps we provide into categories for your quick review. Within these categories you can sort and compare the many pumps within the noted pump application group.

Categories Within Applications